SOLARIS — a team of professionals!

Solaris Promo Production LLC embodies the synergy of a media company and restaurant business. We know how to create successful, top-rated projects, we know how to turn the most incredible dreams into reality. The main areas of our activities include: shooting TV shows and series for Russian and foreign TV channels; making and producing Russian feature films for mainstream audiences; the provision of rights to air foreign movies to Russian TV stations; the management of ТNT MUSIC channel; the development of promising projects in the field of internet and mobile technologies; grand openings of premium-class restaurants. Our company collaborates with well-known cinema and television producers, the world’ best chefs, and has extensive experience in project implementation both in Russia and abroad.


Comedy Club

REN TV Channel

TNT TV Channel

Pyatnitsa TV Channel

ТV 3 Channel

IKa Film Company

Sony pictures entertainment

Warner Bros. Entertainment

Euracore Group